Marin de Saint-Exupery:
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HUNT Beyond rider Marin de Saint-Exupery has been gradually working his way up the result sheets of many of the worlds toughest ultra cycling races over the past few years. A top 5 in the Transcontinental Race followed by victory in the 2022 Atlas Mountain Race, a rugged 1000km race through the Mountains and Deserts of Morocco, cemented his ride to the top of the pack.

Marin with his bike, Marin servicing bike

However, what makes that victory in Morocco unique is the method of transport that Marin used to reach the start in Marrakesh. A firm believer in leading by example especially when it comes to matters of climate change, Marin decided to cycle from his home in Switzerland to Morroco in the weeks before the race. As a leading driver of emissions into the atmosphere Marin has committed to no airtravel to the startlines of his races.

For 2024 Marin plans to race 3 events, The Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco, The Hellenic Mountain Race in Greece and the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. As part of his commitment to no air travel, Marin has decided to cycle to each race on a 10 month journey.

Marin is riding:

January 24, 2024 — Jacob Rubio