Former Hunt employee now turned professional bike packer, Josh Ibbett, has just passed on over his first video blog. Months if not years, before planning the trip, Josh has been deliberating over what to take with him on his world wide adventure. Whilst many long haul tour cyclists are heavily loaded with large panniers and even small trailers, Josh has tried to keep with the FastFar concept his Mason Bokeh and 650B AdventureSport Wheels laced to a front Dynamo Hub were designed for. So far this set up has carried Josh from Cambridgeshire right down into the Basque Country of northern Spain.

Check out the entire video set up here:

If you want more regular updates, you can follow Josh on his personal Instagram page found here.

As for now here are the roads he is enjoying... we are not even slightly jealous... 

Josh Ibbett Spain

May 25, 2017 — Brightpearl Support
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