As discussed in part one; tyres strongly influence how your bicycle rides. With the advent of tubeless, the benefits (which more and more riders are appreciating) include:

    Riding the road less travelled offers an entirely new opportunity to explore beyond where the tarmac ends. Heading out for a big day with only a loose plan is certainly a great way to spend a Saturday. Meanwhile, 'cross bikes make for a fast option to blast out an hour cutting through fields, parks and everything in between. This type of riding is quite varied and places unique demands on how a tyre needs to perform. Not quite as beefy as a mountain bike tyre, but larger and more grippy than a standard road tyre, the rubber rings for your mixed-surface bike are (ironically) a little more specialised, but made to be super versatile. PART 2 of our tubeless tyres round up series gives you some more information on these tyres and the differences between them.

    700c Tyres

    Schwalbe G-One 35/40mm

    The Schwalbe G-One is what many would considere to be an oversized road tyre. offering a little extra volume is often all that is needed for hard pack bridle paths or super rough roads. Having the choice between 35 or 40mm widths also adds a bit more variety. Designed to offer a low rolling resistance yet plenty of grip, the tubeless tyres also come with the added benefit of great puncture protection. The tubeless beads on Schwalbe tyres have a flat edging and the new Mirco-Skin carbon tubeless layer makes them incredibly good at sealing with the rim bed and sidewall and very easy to fit.


    • Choose if: you are wanting a low rolling resistant tyre with higher volume and good grip and high speed for dryer hard pack conditions.
    • Sizes available: 35 and 40mm
    • Price: £99 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)


    Schwalbe X-One 33mm

    The X-One's are Schwalbe's cyclocross tyre, ideal for some proper cross grass-mud and work well in intermediate conditions too. These tyres are what you grab when hitting the cx race course where tyre width is limited to the UCI standard of 33mm. If racing isn't your thing, these tyres still offer a great riding experience well suited to modern 'cross machines. Featuring the same Micro-Skin and flat bead edging technology as its G-One sibling, this tyre can be run at super low pressures (we have had them down in the teen figures when riding in horrendously muddy conditions).


    • Choose if: you are racing 'cross or want a tyre to compliment your cyclo-cross biike without going too wide. These tyres are great at shedding mud but roll reasonably well due to the relatively continuous centre knobs. 
    • Sizes available: 33mm
    • Price: £99 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)
    The Overide was specifically designed for gravel use, whether occasional or intensive. Paved or degraded roads, paths or tracks, these tyres give you the chance to improvise and make your outings more versatile. The 35mm version has a semi-slick profile favouring performance and comfort while the 38mm version has a gripped central part to bring adhesion and ride quality for looser conditions. With bead to bead reinforcement having the chance to run the tyres at lower pressure is certainly your best choice on transversal routes or long journeys.
    • Choose if: you want a fast rolling slick for long days out on varied tarmac and smoother gravel. 
    • Sizes available: 35 and 38mm
    • Price: £89 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)

      Panaracer Gravel King SK
      Panaracer have had a long history in producing road tyres and this is one of their efforts at making a super versatile gravel tyre. The low profile tread pattern provides a little extra traction and greater braking performance on loose surfaces as well as giving a little more confidence and predictability in the corners. This tyre has been popular with riders who want a tyre to do it all. Having the option of tan wall might even add a little more class to your gravel rig.
      Panaracer GravelKing
      • Choose if: you want a jack-of-all-trades tyre for your gravel rig. Loose over hard pack riding surface is where this tyre excels. 
      • Sizes available: 38 and 43mm
      • Price: £79 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)


      WTB Nano 40c

       Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) might not be the most familiar brand to those who have not spent time on a mountain bike, however, the Californian brand has well established roots in mountain biking circles. The Nano is a tyre which draws on WTB's 30 years of experience to produce one of the most popular gravel tyres available. A 40mm, rounded profile and an elevated centerline provide enough volume for lower tire pressures and a smoother ride while still reducing drag and rolling resistance. 

      WTB Nano 

      • Choose if: you want a tyre which can take you anywhere no matter the conditions. This tyre has influence drawn from mountain biking but will not be out of place at a 'cross race.
      • Sizes available: 40mm
      • Price: £85 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)

        WTB Cross Boss
        Volume, speed, and consistency! The Cross Boss’s even centre tread shelf provides smooth and fast acceleration while more open side knobs help clear muck. The Cross Boss is a perfect all round Cyclo Cross tyre equally at home on a muddy cyclo cross course or grinding some gravel tracks. A rounded, high volume profile designed ground-up for tubeless usage provides plenty of room to modulate tire pressure while dual compound, Dual DNA rubber and defined cornering channels keeps things rubber side down.
        WTB CrossBoss
        • Choose if: you wanting a tyre which leans towards 'cross riding. These tyre perform in rock-intermediate and moist conditions, not full on CX race deep mud though, the Schwalbe X-one is best for that.
        • Sizes available: 35mm
        • Price: £79 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)
        The Schwalbe G-One 650b packs in everything familiar with the 700c option (see above). 
        • Choose if: you are wanting a low rolling resistant tyre with higher volume for dryer conditions to suit your 650b bicycle.
        • Sizes available: 1.5"
        • Price: £99 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)

        WTB Horizon TCS 650 x 47c

        The Horizon Road Plus tire brings supple plus-size traction and smooth riding characteristics beyond where the pavement ends. A smooth centerline and all-weather herringbone pattern with cornering channels make anything possible, just like the size. High-volume road provides deceivingly svelte performance on pavement, with resiliency that isn’t shaken by chasing confidants down dusty dirt roads. Sneak it into a cross bike, fit it into a road frame, the overall diameter stays the same as a 700 x 28 - 30mm road tire. 


        WTB Horizon TCS

        • Choose if: you want a high volume 650b tyre which will perform well on the road and offer a comfortable ride for long days in the saddle.
        • Sizes available: 2.0"
        • Price: £79 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)

          Panaracer Gravel King 650b x 1.75 Tyres

          (not tubeless but we thought 650B tyres are more limited in range so we offer these an a tubed option)

          Need a fast tyre with a bit more bulk for comfort, sportives or even cross riding? The new tough semi-urban high volume tyre from Panaracer is designed to give you speed on the road but grip the towpaths and cycle tracks. Toughened with PT protection will keep you puncture free. They are fast on tarmac and the high volume means they soak up potholes and rough roads.

          Panaracer Gravel King 650b x 1.75

          • Choose if: you see yourself riding on paved surfaces but would like to have the versatility offered by the higher volume.
          • Sizes available: 1.75"
          • Price: £79 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)

            Panaracer Comet 650b x 2.0" Tyres

            (not tubeless, but we thought 650B tyres are more limited in range so we offer these an a tubed option)

            Using the very latest in small block technology the new Panaracer Comet will be the tyre of choice from Spring through to Autumn. The widest option from Panaracer means this tyre can open up your riding opportunities to cover more terrain than before. The tight tread design means not only straight line speed and confident cornering but also great grip in wet and slick conditions.

            Panaracer Comet

            • Choose if: you want to vary things up. These tyres will fit most gravel and cyclocross frame to give you real performance on all terrain.
            • Sizes available: 2.0"
            • Price: £59 (Pair, fitted to your Hunt Wheels including sealant)
              June 20, 2017 — Hamish Paine
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