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When you travel, are you one to studiously soak up the region’s culture, try new things and attempt to speak the local language? Have you found yourself ducking over to the Starbucks to get your coffee or frantically point at the menu when the waiter doesn't understand? Perhaps you're a mixture of the two? We have to admit to usually being the latter. Regardless, as a bicycle rider you are fluent in the cyclist language.

The cycling world is very much a global community. No matter where you may find yourself, whether it be in your own backyard or abroad, you have probably already found that riding two wheels is a universal language that easily unites all cyclists. Most likely if you are reading this, you are fluent and able to translate across into any corner of the globe and still understand the various cycling dialects. Going to a place that largely speaks ‘cross, gravel or crits? If you get chance to mix it with new cycling cultures we'd love to share it, please send us your images and films of the 'cycling language' in action during your adventures - after-all the pedalling largely does the talking and the outcome can often be a local cycling guide, amazing rides in places you'd never find on your own and even more cycling mates with which to talk bikes over a fresh espresso or cold beer.

Whether you’re relocating from one side of the world, touring through the Pyrenees, spinning through Adelaide Hills or riding along the all too familiar cycle route to work, you are speaking our common lingo. The cycling language will help you out wherever you find yourself. It really only has to consist of turning wheels, a friendly smile and usually complimenting each other on cool bike bits!

The Instagram post above is from our Hunt Brand Manager Josh Ibbett in Croatia who is currently using his holidays to bike pack through South East Europe. Josh will openly admit to pointing frantically at baked goods and confusing poor locals many times a day! Please do tag us on social media @huntbikewheels with images and films of your own cycling community and language lessons. 

Hamish Paine

HUNT | TheRiderFirm |  Australia and New Zealand Bloke

November 04, 2016 — Hamish Paine
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