Hunt supported BikeChannel Canyon have kicked off their first race of the season with a spectacular win coming from Chris Opie at the 52nd PERFS Pedal Race. Tom and Ollie from Hunt Wheels were there to capture all of the action, so we have put together a photographic journal to show all of the excitement which took place. 

Primed and ready. 50Carbon Aero Wide set up tubeless for PERFS

Ticking the legs over on the rollers.



Winner - Chris Opie.

What could have been a race ender! A small bit of glass on winner Chis Opie's front wheel which happening in the last lap. Thankfully the tubeless sealant filled up the hole so that Chis could storm home to take the win.  

Packing up the team van. Ready for the next race.


February 16, 2017 — Brightpearl Support
Tags: Road/CX