We are pleased to be supporting Rodney Soncco with Hunt wheels . Rodney grew up near Cusco, high up in the Peruvian Andes before moving to Italy.

Rodney has been making waves on the ultra cycling scene over the past few seasons dominating the Bikingman series. In the past 2 years Rodney has won Inca Divide twice, Bikingman Oman twice, Bikingman Corsica, and Bikingman Taiwan.

Don't be fooled by Rodney's friendly attitude  off the bike, once he's racing he takes no prisoners and has an ability to push himself to the very limit. 

Rodneys big goal is the 2020 Race Across America, the iconic and original ultra race from Americas west coast across to the East. The past few years have been building up to this goal and he undoubtedly as the ability and mental capacity to produce a big result at RAAM. 

Look Cycles are supplying bikes for his upcoming races and of course they will be decked out with HUNT wheels. Rodney will be defending his Inca Divide and Bikingman Taiwan in the second half of this season aboard the Look 785 Huez and 765 Gravel RS bikes fitted with HUNT 3650 Carbon Wide and Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset.

 Rodney's next race will be the Inca Divide, a race around the  high Peruvian Andes and an event which he has already won twice. You can view the race profile and route on the map below. The event is set to start on the 14th of August, best of luck to all the riders! 

August 13, 2019 — Josh Ibbett
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