Some bikes are straight-up head-turners. Ones that catch the eye for being a little more left-of-centre seemingly send the cycling word into a frenzy. When the Canyon Inflite was released, it was instantly a hot topic here at Hunt. Some liked it, some didn't and now some have grown to like it. But one thing is for certain - it's different!

hank bike

Now spending some time on the 'cross courses, BIKE Channel Canyon's James 'Hank' Lowsley-Williams has managed to get his hands on this not one, but two of the new machines! Featuring a full carbon frame with SRAM Rival 1x, this bike has everything you need for an all out 'cross assault. Deciding upon the 50Carbon Aero Discs as his weapon of choice is something which may go against many traditionalists, but when you're going as fast as Hank (even on a 'cross course) it can only be a benefit!

... and how can we forget that top-tube shape!

Ride On!


November 28, 2017 — Al Vines