Mason Definition
We have featured Josh's Mason Definition and three years on make no apology for featuring it again. After dropping a line to Josh only yesterday asking if he could take a photo for this weeks Reader's Ride - no cleaning, no swapping out of different parts, just how it was since the Transcontinental Race (TCR). 

From all accounts this bike is still looking beautiful - a testament to the effort Mason Cycles put into perfecting their paint/finish process. As it stands, Josh's Mason is still nearly identical to when he finished in Istanbul. This includes the prototype Mason X Hunt 4Season Disc wheels! Since the race, Josh has only swapped out a few minor parts including the Time Trial Extensions, A Mason Aperture V2 Fork with 12mm axle, and two drive chain replacements. This has come after one TCR, a tour from London to southern Germany, A tour across the Pyrenees, multiple UK bike packing events and even the 200km Dirty Reiver gravel epic in Scotland. After asking Josh to describe this bike in three words he said: 

"It hates me"

Josh Ibbett
Ride on Josh (although we don't think he needs reminding)!
January 30, 2018 — Al Vines