Solitude Ft. Dom Knight

Dom, Hunt's Graphic Designer, was set to embark to Whistler for the summer to work on some big projects and create some killer content on the trails, but due to obvious reasons, the trip was put on a hiatus. Rather than sit back and reminisce about bygones, Dom headed to his local spots with a bunch friends and put together Solitude, a video that set out to encapsulate the escapism of riding bikes.

You can check out the video below and head over to Pink Bike to read the full article from Dom.


Dom sending it in his local jumps

Photo by Will Easey

Dom throwing a tuck no-hander with the woods in the backdrop

Photo by Harry Roberts

Dom and Harry checking out the footage

Photo by Harry Roberts

Dom whipping

Photo by Harry Roberts

Dom stood atop a hill checking out the views

Photo by Harry Roberts

Dom with his full facemask and resting on his handelbars

Photo by Harry Roberts

Dom showcasing a few tricks

Photos by Roman Scott

Screen with video and picture credits

'Solitude, a word I think is super relevant at the moment, with the world in a pandemic, people have had to adapt and deal with aspects of solitary confinement. While the world is trying to suppress the virus with lockdowns and social distancing, we are all in some way or another having to deal with the internal, or external struggles, finding our state of balance. It was from this concept that we set out to capture our project… Solitude.'

Dom Knight

January 20, 2021 — James Finch
Tags: Mountain