This week's edition of The Cassette comes from Adventure Syndicate rider, Jenny Graham. Because Jenny rides for such long periods, she decided that single tracks were not suitable, and instead gave us five albums! Fitting, when you're spending days on end riding across a mountain range or through an entire country.

"I always want to spend loads of time making playlists, but I never get around to it! All my playlists are so old I know every song word-for-word. Because my rides are so long I tend to download albums now. These are my top 5 current (to me) albums..."

Jenny Graham | Adventure Syndicate Rider

To keep things simple, we have selected one song from each of the albums. Just incase you find yourself on a really long ride, perhaps download all five albums to take along with you...
February 13, 2018 — Hamish Paine
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