Presenting THE CASSETTE: An exploration into the the sounds the people who make up Hunt are listening to. Shift up and spin this one out.

Each week we will bring you our THE CASSETTE playlist consisting of five songs with a loose theme. This time round we have called upon OpenDev rider Rob Harwood to show us some tracks which keep him going on a long gravel ride. After being a devoted roadie, Rob has recently found a passion in riding his Surly Straggler gravel bike.

"Five Tunes straight from my Ipod shuffle playlist that are worth 10rpm more on my cadence and a few extra watts when churning the gravel roads! There’s no accounting for taste is there, but I always turn these ones up a few notches as I’m riding along."
Rob Harwood | Hunt OpenDev Rider


November 13, 2017 — Hamish Paine
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