The MASON x HUNT relationship is one which regularly features in the HUNT Journal. It is a relationship borne from the foundation of shared values. With a total of three wheelsets paying homage to a relationship built on similar values, we think it worth delving into how MASON x HUNT came to be.

Three years ago, HUNT was only in its infancy (only brothers/co-founders Tom and Peter Marchment as well as their only full-time employee Josh Ibbett). You would be shocked at just how small HUNT HQ was at the time. Meanwhile, longtime friend Dom Mason was starting off on his own path to create bikes under his name, following great success as frame designer for Kinesis and other top brands. Tom and Dom actually worked together previously, at a firm who's premises are no more than 50m from HUNT's current warehouse & office space!

All MASON bikes are designed with a similar purpose to be “spirited, punchy and an engaging ride” and made under the ‘Make Progress’ mentality. Dom called upon us to make a wheelset which matched this attitude. The result is the first wheelset we released – the MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc.


In four years, HUNT and MASON have both moved headquarters, released numerous new models and expanded in the number of people behind each outfit. In this time 650B has risen to popularity which called for the second collaboration, resulting in the MASON x HUNT 650B AdventureSport Disc wheelset.

The most recent inclusion, released just last week, was the MASON x HUNT 650B AdventureDynamo Disc wheelset, developed to enable riders to adopt the FastFar mentality for real, and find the road less travelled. Seeing the amount of passion Dom puts into his work, we are certain that the MASON x HUNT story is one that will continue for years to come. 


Ride on Dom/Cal/Alex/Matt/Julie!

March 06, 2018 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Beyond Road/CX