It's that time of the year again, the sun has started to appear more and more, mud and snow is gradually fading. That can mean only one thing- It's bike season again! 

Well...except the rain didn't go down without a fight, opening day at Whistler Bike Park was cold, sloppy and not quite the expected warm welcome of summer. Yet, many laughed in the face of the weather and got the early laps in.

As is the way of Whistler, the next day dirt soon dried and with it the hoards of riders came and sampled some of the best riding around. 

From jump lines to rocky tech and everything in between, the park caters for all. Without fail rider after rider came down with smiles all round.

We tried to capture a little bit of this,  so please enjoy the galley, however we accept no responsibility for FOMO induced plane tickets...

Brandon Semenuk and Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard cruising laps

HUNT rider Sophie Tyas caught making tough decisions- 'Should I ride A-Line again or something different...'

As the day's got sunnier, the queues got longer.

Just hanging about...

Apres at the GLC

Let's play spot the pro

May 23, 2019 — Sam Meegan
Tags: Mountain