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Fede Cabrera

Based in Buenos Aires in Argentine Fede spends his time exploring the lesser known areas of South America. It’s not unusual for Fede to disappear for months at a time without contact in the most remote areas of the continent, before reappearing with a plethora of incredible photos from his travels. We are looking forward to seeing what Fede gets up to this year.

Fede Cabrera posing with his bike

Name: Federico Cabrera

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Years riding: 29

Longest bike ride: Peru to Argentina, 6000ish km.

First Bike trip/ adventure: 3 months exploring Patagonia in 1996

Favourite ride snack: Dark chocolate & honey

Wheels of choice: Mason x HUNT 650b Adventure Dynamo

Cycling Highlights: 45000 km ridden in South America, making 500+ printed family portraits and donating 350 solar lamps & water filters.

2023 Goals: Bikerafting Tierra del Fuego and riding Trans-Cuba & Trans-Ecuador

Follow Fede's adventures

Follow Fede's adventures