HUNT Repair Service

HUNT Repair Service

Wheels take some of the harshest abuse of any bike component, they have to spin, support you and your bike, take impacts from pot holes and tricky landings, whilst being ridden through wind and rain, muck and puddles.

At Hunt we understand what a wheel’s life can be like - it's tough! No wheel is indestructible, but with our knowledge and expertise we can make your old and tired wheel/s ride like new again to help save cost and resources. We offer the below services as standard, all carried out by our team of expert wheel builders and mechanics. If there is something you need that is not shown then please get in contact here using our technical support contact form and we will try our hardest to help.

Services we offer:

  • Rim swaps
  • Spoke replacement
  • Wheel truing
  • Freehub body swaps
  • Bearing replacements


To organise a repair please complete our technical and warranty support form here.

In the interest of sustainability and customer ease we can also facilitate wheel repairs close to you if you are located far away from our base in the UK. That way we are keeping all our carbon foot prints to a minimum.

Keeping our riders and our product going is key to us at Hunt; sustainability is also a big part of our goals. Our wheel refurb service is one of the ways we can help keep our riders rolling as well as keeping landfill waste down too. If you are interested in our sustainability journey then do come back and visit our pages. We will be publishing details shortly as we make progress to being the best we can.