Hunt Beyond:
Molly Weaver

An exciting new addition for HUNT Beyond is Molly Weaver. Molly worked her way through cycling’s professional ranks to reach world tour level before becoming disillusioned with the world of road racing. Now more comfortable cycling solo in the mountains we are very excited to see what Molly’s base of fitness and enthusiasm can bring to the world of Ultra events.

Name: Molly Weaver

Hometown: Bristol, UK

Years riding: 12

Longest bike ride: GBDivide (2000km ish)

First Bike trip/ adventure: Bikepacking the Pyrenees in 2017 with my Dad

Favourite ride snack: M&Ms

Wheels of choice: Hunt Carbon Dynamo

Cycling Highlights: Turning professional on the road and being promoted to World Tour mid-season was a big one...then I think the whole of 2022 was a highlight. I'd been off the bike for a long time, so to see that progress back to being fit and loving it was awesome.

2023 Goals: Atlas Mountain Race, HT550, GBDuro, Trans Pyrenees, and there are a couple of lower key ultras and FKTs I have my eye on as well.

Follow Molly's adventures

Follow Molly's adventures