You rightly look for purpose driven innovative wheels so to make sure we continue to develop and support great new products for devoted riders like you Peter and I are delighted to have a new rider and staffer, we welcome to our team Josh Ibbett as Hunt Brand Manager.

Josh has spent much of the last 6 months riding thousands of miles across south east Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, by the end of which he had a pretty impressive hobo style beard. Josh is not just a bike explorer he has a long list of impressive endurance road and
mountain bike races results including 2nd overall in last years 2300 mile non-stopTrans Continental Race. Josh is riding this, slightly mind-blowing, race again in just two weeks and of course he’ll be on Hunt wheels and a Mason Bike, keep your eyes peeled for more tech info on Josh’s bike set-up. As I’m sure you’ve realised now, Josh will be pushing our products to the limit with some insanely long distance testing.
Josh’s riding is not the only feather in his bow that will help create excellent new Hunt products for all of us real-world riders. Josh has great experience in the UK bike industry having worked for performance cycling product manufacturers and brands for several years and his knowledge will further develop or wheel tech and development process. Josh is currently testing our extended disc wheel range, which we will be launching at this year’s Cycle Show in September, with stock expected in early 2016. Josh is also using his vast experience of endurance MTB racing to spec, develop and test components for Hunt MTB projects.
These are truly exciting times in cycling with new products and ideas, events and ways of riding. We’re thrilled to have devoted riders as customers and driven bike nutters like Josh working with us and serving you. If you’re emailing in please say hi to Josh and as always we’re all here to help so please feel free to call 01403 711 813 or email
Thanks all,
The Hunt Team
The Chase Is On

Tom, Peter, Sarah, Shirley, Ashleigh, Cecille and now Josh, our office now has almost as many people as a good garage should have bikes!

July 07, 2015 — Tom Marchment
Tags: Road/CX