This is the view from Josh's luxury accommodation (a bivvy bag in a hedge) in the New Forest this morning. Being a father of two and busy working on Hunt Wheels I (Tom) am proud of the 100-150 miles a week I cram in during my precious riding time. Yesterday I got 50 miles in on a Thursday, you'd think that would be good, however...I finished riding with Josh, our new Hunt Brand Manager at 8.15pm last night in Petworth Sussex, at which point Josh was 35 miles into a 700 mile weekend!  As we mentioned in Josh's intro story as Hunt Brand Manager last week, he is training for the 2300 mile non-stop Trans Continental Race. This weekend is one of Josh's final preparation rides where he makes sure everything, including his Mason Definition Bike and Hunt 4Season Disc Wheels are set-up just how he needs and all are working perfectly. Josh set of last night and by Sunday evening he will have covered around 700 miles and traveled from Brighton to Land's End and back to Brighton! This slightly blows the minds of us mere mortal riding types but we wish him all the best and lets see how his legs feel on Monday, although he's more than experienced at this kind of riding having finished second in last year's Trans Continental Race.

This is Josh's kit and bike ready to ride. Not a lot of stuff at all considering how far he's going, I think I need to take some packing tips from Josh. 

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Enjoy your riding big or small,

Tom Marchment

Co-Founder Hunt Bike Wheels

July 10, 2015 — Tom Marchment
Tags: Beyond Road/CX