Tugende is the latest creation from friend of Hunt, Ryan Le Garrec. Ryan, along with Lander Deldime have been covering bikepacking races for the past few years bringing a unique view to the world of ultra.

Their latest project was to follow the inaugural Race around Rwanda at the start of February. Tugende is the result of all their hard work and is now online.


February 2020, 65 people lined up at the starting line of what was to become an extraordinary adventure, a challenge through thunderstorms, muddy roads and never-ending hills. The reward was stunning views, thousands of cheers and everlasting memories. Each and every participant of this 1.000 km bikepacking race has an amazing story to tell, Tugende shows you some of these stories, from the very first person over the finish line, to the last one to reach Kigali.

April 29, 2020 — Josh Ibbett
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