Right then... we've had a couple of sunny days now, so it's time to start fantasizing about summer. Short sleeves, no leg warmers or tights in sight, tan lines a-plenty, maybe even a cold alcoholic beverage or three.

To get you all in the mood, we thought we'd share this video of Grove Bike Co'sinaugural Grove Grind 100 over in Australia - a ride comprising of "100km of rough and raw fireroads around Sydney's Northern Beaches, the home of Grove Bike Co. Scorching temps, pounding sandstone, an arvo storm and locally-brewed beers from Nomad Brewing Co to round it all out - a cracking day indeed."

Chatting to Dave Musgrove about the ride, "it turned out to reach 39 degrees that day and our mission of 100km of gnarly gravel was truncated a little in the name of cold beer, but still a great day out."

Check out the video below, and try telling us it doesn't get you excited to ride your bike!
February 25, 2019 — Ollie Gray
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