Hamish spent last summer riding with us here in Blighty but has since returned home to Australia to study hard at Uni (cough; ride awesome trails, lucky b#@@{}r!). The great news is that whilst he's there he'll be taking The Chase Down Under and has joined us at TheRiderFirm.CC as Hunt Australia & New Zealand Manager, we're delighted to have him on-board.


Hamo will be handling Australia and New Zealand media enquires as well as managing the Hunt Wheel Service Centre for Australia/New Zealand in his usual cheerful manner. Of course he'll also be testing wheels to the limit and bringing you some great stories about riding in the big countries.

Any press enquires please email Hamish@TheRiderFirm.CC
For all other enquiries please email TheChase@HuntBikeWheels.com or call +44 (0)1403 711813.

Hamish is currently helping develop and test our new range of MTB wheels, watch this space ;-) Check out this vid of Hamo putting his dogs through their paces at his local trails 


We were very mean and asked Hamo to do one of those awkward this-is-me type intros so here's what Hamish has to say for himself:

First and foremost, I am a mountain biker and always have been.  Riding on the dirt has always been my greatest passion and the feeling of zipping past trees, loosing traction, riding over anything and then climbing back to the top to do it all over again; is a feeling that draws me to cycling.  However, I often venture out onto the road to discover new places, roads and routes.  To see where a ride may take me is what I enjoy about road cycling.  Selecting that perfect gear, turning over the pedals at exactly the right cadence and falling into that almost meditative state is what draws me to long days spent riding on the smooth, black stuff.  I don’t care too much about the numbers; have never owned a cycling computer, couldn’t tell you my maximum wattage output and usually measure if a ride was hard or not if I found it… hard or not.   

Hamish Vid - Dog Trail Coach & Hunt Oz Manager

After spending last year riding and living in Sussex UK, I managed to fall into contact with Hunt UK Brand Manager, Josh Ibbett during some cross country night rides in Brighton and eventually meet a few of the guys from Hunt.  Whilst in the UK I spent a lot of time riding road, cyclocross and cross country mountain biking and now after returning to Australia I am enjoying the extensive trails and awesome roads that surround Canberra. Having now joined the Hunt Team as the Hunt Australia Brand Manager I aim to connect with Australian and New Zealand cyclists who can benefit from the products that Hunt produces.

July 01, 2016 — Cecille Louie