We are pleased to welcome Chris 'Elvis' Pressdee to our Open Dev team. Chris has been a friend of Hunt for a while now and we have worked together on a couple of exciting projects for the Ripcor team that Elvis is involved with running. So with out further introduction please welcome Elvis to the building...

I am Elvis. Race Secretary for Ripcor and lover of beer, cake and banter.  7000km into my 15000km goal for 2016 it’s time to get serious and represent this great country down under and show the Aussies how to ride strong and look good.

42 years young and only into cycling for the last 7 years I feel like I should have been a pro but never got the opportunity.  In this relatively short period of time I have had a Cannondale CAAD 8, a Norco downhill shredder, a Trek full sus, a Globe fixed gear, a Specialized Langster, a Giant Defy, a Dolan track bike, a Giant Propel and now a Planet x Exocet 2. My wife calls me obsessed but I know I’m just passionate. My current bikes are called Colin and Barry and Derek (and now I need a name for the Planet X, any ideas?).

I’ve won TT’s, ridden 205 miles in a day in honor of Steve Abrahams, then ridden 323 miles in 24 hrs for the PACE centre. I’ve conquered Teide and Ventoux but failed on Hellfire’s Pass.  I’ve raced CX and track, crits and road races. I’ve qualified for the UCI World Championship Gran Fondo Finals in Perth in September and it’s time to train.  I may even quit booze and cake. My FTP has gone from 257 to 275W but if I can shed a few kilos my power to weight ration could get close to 3.9w/kg.  Now I have Hunt, the chase is on.

July 08, 2016 — Josh Ibbett
Tags: Road/CX