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Unbound 2024

Over the weekend, America’s largest gravel race took place in Emporia, Kansas. Unbound Gravel has quickly risen in prominence over the last several years, bringing out more and more talent from around the world to race the iconic 200-mile course. This year, with a stacked field of current and former World Tour pros including a former Olympic champion, the pace remained high throughout the entire race.

HUNT supported four Life Time Grand Prix riders in the Elite Women’s field and two riders in the Elite Men’s field for the 200 mile race, resulting in a 10th place for Sarah Lange of Velocio Exploro, and a 13th place finish for Danni Shrosbree. In the Unbound XL event, which covered an unbelievable 350 miles of Flint Hills gravel, HUNT supported four riders with Meghan Owens of Velocio Exploro powering through the night for a 5th place finish. 

The rough northern route with chunky, sharp gravel made for a day full of mechanicals and flats, ending the ride for some and slowing the ride for others. We’re proud of all the riders who participated this weekend and were stoked to have met a few riders out on the 100 course who shouted out how much they love their wheels.  

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June 05, 2024 — Jacob Rubio