Hill Climb Wheels

The never-ending search to reduce weight is always on the mind of any cyclist. But when it comes to hill climb specialist, things get drastic real quick. Think cut down bars (sans bar tape of course), saddles with no padding and even grease removed from bottom bracket bearings. Its a niche-within-a-niche and we love it.

The design brief was simple: lightweight wheels designed specifically for the demands of hill climb time trials. So we went to the drawing board to create something truly amazing: a sub-kilo, tubular, rim brake wheel to be raced exclusively in one of the most masochistic forms of our beloved sport.

Still, in its prototype phase, details are limited. However, you can expect a full launch of the predicted 991gram wheels to come in October-November with a price TBC (although we predict around £1,100). With some truly special spokes and rims which are very specific to HILL CLIMB Event type riding, you can be sure that these will be your fastest option where the gradient only points up. 

Rear Hill Climb Wheel

Rear Wheel: 567g.
Front Hill Climb Wheels
Front Wheel: 424g.
Currently, it is being tested under two time UK National hill-climb champion Dan Evans. The numbers this guy puts out is unbelievable. For his last national title, he averaged 506 watts for 3:54mins to climb the 1,572m @ 7.5% (average). That is a massive WATT-BOMB!

"My power output was so high my vision went blurry and my eyes felt funny"

Dan Evans | 2x UK National Hill Climb Champion

Also, we were lucky enough to bump into youngster Tydeman Newman at the Sea Otter Classic. As a Californian native, he is lucky enough to live within riding distance of Gibraltar Road which is where the World Hill-Climb Championships is being held this year. The 16-year-old will be repping the Hunt banner aboard some of these prototypes wheels. Keep your eyes peeled for more stories about Tydeman's prep in lead up to the race. 

June 18, 2018 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Road/CX