This week’s Cassette has is the first ever inclusion from a Hunt team member’s parent: Hamish’s mum. Since this week is all about XC, we thought we’d reach out to Ang to spin us a few tracks that she puts on for an XC MTB ride.

Once being an elite level XC horse rider, she has traded the reins for a set of handlebars and hoofs for wheels. Never one to push the levels of extreme, she still enjoys getting out for weekend rides on the firetrails and singletrack in Wollongong.

"Is there a live version? Always got to be the live one!"

Angela Paine | On selecting studio versus live recordings

Don’t be fooled by the Dire Straits... the last time she was at a pub, it quickly escalated to her being on top of Hamish’ mate's shoulders once the band came on – not bad form!


May 22, 2018 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Mountain