Presenting THE CASSETTE: An exploration into the the sounds the people who make up Hunt are listening to. Shift up and spin this one out.

Step into HUNT HQ and you will hear music blaring out of the small speakers strategically positioned on top of a wheel boxes as tyres are fitted or shipping labels are being printed. Each week we will bring you our THE CASSETTE playlist consisting of five songs with a loose theme.


Our first entry comes from our adopted Australian and Product Communications guy Hamish. Hailing from a regional town where the music scene isn't even a thing, arriving in Brighton was a big shock! Josh Ibbett (Customer Service and Product Feedback) was quick to show him the ropes of the seaside town where every night is Saturday night. 

The first concert Hamish went to in the UK was the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show. Here is a playlist inspired by exactly that: The Brighton Funk.

November 06, 2017 — Hamish Paine
Tags: Road/CX