Here at TheRiderFirm, we’ve been asked before what makes our 4Season wheels special. Sure, they’ve won awards for their design and durability, and have been found on builds of some of the most desirable all-road framesets in the world, but how do we actually identify wheelsets in our 4Season range?

The philosophy behind the design of these wheels relies on two key tenets; the first of which is that all wheels HUNT design are purpose-focused (that is, with a specific usage in mind, rather than a price point). Secondly, we believe that buying winter-specific equipment should take the form of something slightly more than ‘just buy what’s cheap and heavy’. Many riders out there will take an old unused frame, slap on some cheap wheels and mudguards, and hit the road for the winter. While there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with that (we’ve all been there and done it), there are, increasingly, many cyclists looking to equip themselves for winter riding with kit that is specifically designed for the task at hand. Just because you’re training in the winter, doesn’t mean you should do it slowly!

Our 4Season wheels are characterised by a few different features, most of which are to be found in the hubs. We’ve spec’d high-grade, precision-sealed cartridge bearings from Japanese experts EZO, with sealing on both faces (inner and outer) to ensure maximum protection from damage caused by water/grime ingress. Even the shapes of the hub shells are formed in such a way that water is directed away from the bearings. The freehub bodies contain an Anti-Bite Guard, which is a stainless steel spline insert aimed at preventing the ‘biting’ of the cassette sprockets usually found on standard lightweight alloy freehubs. Going further, our 4Season range utilise brass spoke nipples, for their strength and corrosion resistance, as well as their self-lubricating properties. All wheels within this range are also equipped with QR skewers featuring internal cams, which protect from dirt and water ingress in order to keep the cam faces smooth, no matter what conditions they’re subjected to.

As well as all of the above, our 4Season wheels come with the features you’d expect to see on every Hunt wheel: high quality Pillar spokes pulled from Swedish Sandvik steel, tubeless-ready wide rim profiles (for increased stability and comfort on wider tyres), a 2-year warranty, full spares packs (including spoke keys, spare spokes, and 6-bolt rotor adapters), QC checklist signed by the wheel-builder responsible for building the wheelset, and of course our 60-Day Ride & Return policy in case you need time to ensure your new wheels are the right fit for you!

We have a team of dedicated cyclists who love to chat wheels, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss what might be right for you.

Get in contact with us: thechase@huntbikewheels.com

October 24, 2017 — Ollie Gray
Tags: Beyond Road/CX