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Henrik Jensen

Name: Henrik Jensen

Age:  23


Ice Breaker! Describe yourself in 3 words

Mindful. Determined. Fun.

What’s your secret hobby/passion away from the bike?

Anything outdoors with mates. Recently though I’ve gotten a bit into DJing and playing around with music, nothing crazy but just a fun way to distract the mind.


What is your earliest cycling memory?

Building and sending some sketchy kickers in the back garden made out of some leftover bricks and planks of wood.


How did you get into riding?

Through my Dad, we’ve always had bikes growing up but he started taking me out on the trails now and again when I was about 12. I properly started getting into it more when I was about 15 though.


First bike & favourite bike?

Mongoose 12”. Had way too much fun in the garden on it. My favourite bike has to be my current S-Works Enduro though, it’s a serious rig.


What has been your worst crash over the years?

Big buck off a jump over the front to a proper tomahawk down the hill. Somehow got up and thought I was fine, but realised something was up when I couldn’t pick up my bike haha. Only a collarbone though so got off lightly.

Henrik racing downhill MTB
Henrik whipping a trail jump

What do you find is the most common mistake around the riders you coach?

I don’t coach, but I will answer from a different perspective, maybe most common riding mistakes I see? Probably people having their handlebars too wide, especially on trail/enduro bikes.

What’s your favourite anti-bonk snack?

Tunnocks Caramel bars are up there for sure.

Clips or flats what’s your preference?

Clips for racing and summer, flats for winter loam.

What’s next for you? (Long term and short term)

This year the big thing for me is to race the full EWS season. Something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and I’m fortunate enough to be in the position to make it work this year, so short term is to put in the work and getting stuck in with that. My main long-term goal is to keep enjoying bikes and life in general – simple as that.


What event you are looking forward to most this year?

Whistler EWS! Never been to North America, so I’m incredibly excited to get out there as well as the 2 EWS rounds in the US.


If you could have anyone’s riding style, who's would it be?

Mitch Ropelato

Henrik, Hunt athlete, hike a biking in the lake district
Henrik and mtber riding down trails

You have a Kenevo SL in your current fleet of bikes? What are your thoughts on it? Also from riding full fat and skinny E-bikes, what is your preference now?
Absolutely love it! It’s been amazing this winter getting some laps in after work and feels so similar to a normal bike. I’m a little undecided which ebike type is better but I probably lean a little more towards the full fat, you can get more done in the same time and the grip is ridiculous.

In a world dominated by social media and athletes feel required to work on this element a lot how does this effect you and do you enjoy it?
Social media is a weird one but something I should probably use more of. Ultimately, you just want to put out content you’re stoked on I guess and try not to stress about it.

How does your current situation work being a Privateer? (What is your weekly schedule like and how much training and riding do you get in).
I’m working full time as an Engineer having graduated from university last year. Luckily, I’m working from home a fair bit so that helps with fitting more riding and training in. Each week I manage a couple gym sessions, hopefully a couple mid-week evening rides and 2 rides on the weekend. So, it’s a decent amount and I just love being busy and being on my bike.

How do you find the work/ride balance?
Some weeks are harder than others, but you’ve just got to do the best you can with the cards you’ve got. I’ve learnt to listen to my body more and make a more conscious effort with recovering and sleeping but that’s a lot easier said than done sometimes.

Henrik MTBing round a berm
Hike a bike
Two mtbers

You have been riding on the EW V2’s for a while now how is you getting on with them?

I’m buzzing on them, they’re real solid, have a sweet ride feel and give the tyre a good shape. I’m excited to put them through them through their paces at the EWS.

Do you make any changes to wheel setup from racing and training? (Local riding vs full EWS setup)

None really! Only setup change I would do with reference to the wheel-tyre system would be some heavier casing tyres and putting a Rimpact original insert in the front alongside the pro I always run in the rear.

Where your favourite spot to go riding? (1 from UK and 1 from abroad if you can name 2)

I’m pretty blessed to have the Surrey Hills on my doorstep; the hills are seriously good even though the tracks are short. The Tweed Valley or Dyfi in the UK are up there otherwise. Abroad it would have to be Val di Fassa, insane views and trails.


We see a lot more professional riders being coached by coaches, is this something you have ever considered or are more aware of?

I’ve not had any coaching sessions but I would be very keen to do some more work and a resource I’ll look into more. I feel I’m very reflective and consciously try to improve my own riding by working on technique as well as other aspects of the sport.

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