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Journal | Hunt Bike Wheels

Hunt Bike Wheels Journal

Virginie Palermo: Change of Pace

When Virginie headed to Le Bike Stop for a few weeks of riding, she found more than just beautiful roads

Lachlan Blair Joins HUNT MTB

HUNT Mountain is excited to announce that Lachlan Blair has joined our 2023 rider lineup!

Behind the Design: Everything You Need to Know About Dynamos

What is a Dynamo hub and how does it work? We delve into the design behind a dynamo

HUNT Beyond: Year in Review 2022

Despite a string of top results in Ultra races, Hunt Beyond is about more than chasing podiums

Lisa Pfeiffer: In Between Lines

Lisa Pfeiffer details what it takes to complete the Mittelgebirgeclassique

Hunt Wheels at Bespoked

This year, the Hunt team headed to the show early on Friday morning to see what was on display and interview a couple...

UD Carbon Spokes & TaperLock: Explained

Hunt UD Carbon spokes, what are they and what are the benefits?

Boru McCullagh: Mind Mapper

2 months in to Mind Mapping, Boru puts together some words to share his experiences.

Film: Mark Beaumont sets new North Coast 500 record

Mark Beaumont has set a new record on Scotlands North Coast 500 route.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry wins the Atlas Mountain race.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry has won the 1200km Atlas Mountain Race in Morrocco, setting a new FKT in the process.

Philippa Battye: Further Perseverance

Philippa Battye's journey tackling Further Perseverance

Road Bike Tubeless Tire maintenance and puncture repair guide

The aim of this blog is to answer some of the most common questions and give you a better understanding of the practi...

Staff Bike Check: Andi's Commencal Meta AM 29

Andi Sykes shows off his Commencal Meta AM 29 custom build

Shawn Neer x HUNT Wheels

We are excited to announce the addition of Shawn Neer to our roster of athlete partners for the 2022/2023 season and ...

Ard Rock 2022: Bikes and Bants!

The Hunt MTB team headed to Ard Rock 2022 to soak up the festival fun, talk custom-built bikes, and get into the part...

Film: Angus Young's European Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond rider Angus Young has broken the back of his 7600km odyssey across Europe.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry

Marin is readying himself for a return to the Transcontinental Race.

Sofiane Sehili wins the Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond's Sofiane Sehili wins the 2022 Tour Divide

EWS 2022 Tweed Valley

The EWS season kicked off a few weeks ago at the very place it ended in 2021!

Meeting Tulsi

HUNT Mountain welcomes XC National Champion Tulsi to the team

Hunt at Tour Divide 2022

HUNT Beyond rolls up to the 2022 Tour Divide

Xavier Chiriboga: The Man Behind the Racer

HUNT Bike Wheels catches up with Xavier Chiriboga after his big win at The Stagecoach 400.

Steel City 2022

Hunt and Privateer teams headed to the sun-drenched trails of Sheffield to take part in the 10th Steel City Mini Down...

Rwanda Beyond: Giving Rwandan Bike Riders Opportunities and Recognition

Hunt Bike Wheels are incredibly proud to announce our support of the Rwanda Beyond project.

Off the Drop: Henrik Jensen

We check in with Henrik Jensen, EWS racer and new Hunt MTB athlete.

Meeting Harry Gascoyne

"Honestly I couldn’t think of a best memory, I’ve got countless of sessions and time riding with friends that always ...

Gail Brown: The Trans-Cambrian Way

"It is not exaggeration that the first 50km took us over 6 hours. It was clear that we might have to adjust our goals."

Bianchi HUNT Morvelo go to Camp Girona

We joined Bianchi HUNT Morvelo as they headed to the Catalunyan hills.

Film: Winter Sol with Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan gets to grips with his new bike and wheels out in the Portuguese sun.

Podcast: Chloe Taylor talks to Downtime Podcast

Listen to the full Downtime Podcast with Chloe Taylor, covering bike set-up, training, the importance of social media...

Podcast: Singletrack Speaks with Isla Short

Isla chats with Hannah Dobson from singletrackworld.com about Isla's career and what she has planned for the coming s...

Isla Short: Hunt for Racing

"This jersey represents the sweat and tears that have gone into believing this is right for me and Hunt Mountain have...

Finley Newmark: Rwanda and Beyond

"This year is so exciting. Everything seems to be moving quite quickly, but that’s how I like it."

Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Video Explainer

We created this explainer video to help riders develop their own understanding of the value of Computational Fluid Dy...

Film: Sofiane Sehili: The Comeback

The Comeback documents Sofianes road to recovery and the subsequent Trans Pyrenees race, which finished in spectacula...

Limitless Technology: Explainer

Patented and used by the pro's, but what exactly is Limitless Technology?